"Our family has been following Paul Hunter closely over the years. He has never ceased to amaze us with the quality of his work and the creativity that he brings to his art form. We have chosen to integrate several examples of his work at our boutique hotel in Quebec City, Canada, and they have stood the test of time like few other art pieces. Paul is most trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with."

Evan Price 

Co-Founder and Chairman
Auberge Saint-Antoine, Quebec City, Canada

"I owned and directed Byron Roche Gallery in Chicago from 1994 - 2010 and Paul Hunter was one of the main artists that I worked with during those years. Paul was always pleasant, enthusiastic and professional to work with. He always delivered work on time for shows, and his work was very popular with collectors, designers, guests, other artists and critics. He has a way of naturally creating work that is based on art history, but also is changing, evolving and contemporary. I highly recommend Paul Hunter."

Byron Roche

Art Dealer and Gallery owner, Chicago, IL

“When I first visited Paul Hunter’s art studio, I was not only overwhelmed by the generosity and warmth of his welcoming but by the beauty and unique quality of his work. From his large scale installations to his smaller and much more intimate works, Paul creates movement and tells a story with every stroke, hanging a Paul Hunter painting brings character and importance to any room.”

Peter Valcarcel
Home Accessories and Interior Designer, New York City.

“I have been an avid fan of Paul Hunter’s works for years. I have a large abstract work that is the centerpiece of my home upstate. The brilliant acrylic colors with touches of gold complement the wood panels of the various lights streaming through the windows
throughout the day and night. It is commented on by every visitor to my house. Paul’s varied and progressive styles are accessible to an incredibly broad spectrum of decors and tastes!"

Chef John McCarthy
Sake Sommelier, McCarthy Hospitalite


Paul Hunter work is quite consistent in its beauty, exquisite detail and handling of materials whether a work on canvas or paper. His light filled Landscape works  using metallic materials, the water like images using subtle color of the Libretto series and the Sirens series are each a joy to see and ponder. 

Whether a small intimate work or a large sweeping view, the eye is delighted with a view of how he sees and is able to translate into a visual language.

The collections in which his work is included are well thought out and his works resonate in the elegance and modernist aspects of contemporary art.

With time passes, his works are more treasured.

Donna Leatherman

Private Sales, New York City