New York City Artist

New York City ArtistNew York City Artist


My paintings are inspired by light. Luminosity is essential to my work. Over the years, I have developed my early minimalist landscape paintings into abstract meditative compositions.  

My recent works feature multiple layers of lines, each drawn and painted by hand onto shimmering gold leaf and metal leafed canvasses. Etched into a layer of transparent paint, these lines allow the intensive glow and energy of the underlying gold and metal to shine through and inspire the viewer. Their gently undulating variations and linear rhythms create a sensation of peace. These lines merge reading, writing and painting and suggest a form of contemplative looking that takes place over time comparable to listening to a musical score. Calming and soothing in their apparent simplicity, these works evoke sensations of harmony, and tranquility. 

Born in Paris, I grew up in Quebec City, and earned an MFA at Concordia University in Montreal, before moving to New York City, where I continue to work in my Harlem studio.