New York City Artist

New York City Artist



Born in Paris, France, I grew up in Quebec City, and earned an MFA at Concordia University, Montreal, before moving to New York City, where I continue to work in my Harlem studio. I paint luminous abstract landscapes on gold and metal leafed canvasses. Extending the centuries-old tradition of gold leafing, I adapted the technique to express my own Modernist vision - one that has luminosity as its underlying theme.  I am interested in merging reading, writing and recording into a form of seeing that, like reading, and listening takes place over time as in a musical score.


I have shown in solo and group exhibitions world wide, including many museums, and my work is in private, corporate and museum collections. I also received numerous awards.


 The first preparatory  step involves painting gold “size” that acts as an adhesive over the  gessoed canvas.  This layer is allowed to semi-dry. Then each square of metal leaf is individually applied by hand over this sticky surface in a manner comparable to laying rows of bricks.  The applied metal leafs then cure before I begin painting the actual landscape. These time-consuming techniques were perfected centuries ago and assure that the final work will not deteriorate.